Supplying Information And Equipment For The New 2020 Army Combat Fitness Test

ACFT Equipment

Two New ACRT Gear Offerings – Accessory and Grading Kit

As of October 1st we have just launched two additional product offerings. the Army Combat Readiness Grading Kit, and Army Combat Readiness Test Accessory Kit. Both are currently available on our website and will will remain on sale for the month of October.

The Grading Kit is required by the ACFT Testing Manual and includes:

  • 16x Stop watches
  • 16x 25m tape measures
  • 70x Traffic cones
  • 50x Field Dome cones
  • 16x PVC marking sticks

The Accessory Kit is not required by the ACFT Testing Manual However, it contains items which make it much easier for you and  your soldiers to run the Army Combat Fitness Test.

  • 8x Chock and Chock Bag
  • 16x Large White Microfiber Towels
  • 6x Orange Spray paint
  • 2x Two Step Ladder
  • 16x Grip tape
  • 16x High visibility Graders Vest
  • 1x Megaphone

If you are intersted in either of these kits please contact us today. I realize the Army supply system can be a bit slow, so if you contact us prior to October 31th I will continue to honor the sale price.