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Advanced Situp Training Plan

The 6-week Army Situp program

Well-developed abs area must if you want to be a strong solider. Your middle body is essential for your stability and takes a huge part in your overall performance. Strong abs are even more important if you’re aspiring to be an amazing soldier or sailor.  So, no matter what your goal is, abs training will improve your overall strength, endurance and stability. While frequently overlooked, It’s the most important group muscle in your body and you need to take care of that. That’s why we’ve created a 6-week sit-up program which will help you get the strong core you’ve always wanted. After this program, any sit-up test will be a piece of cake!

The  Situp program is divided between 3 phases

With this program,you’ll significantly increase your endurance, sit-up maximum repetitions amount,  your abs will start to get that 6 pack, or atleast 4 pack look. And last, but not least, any sit-up test won’t be a problem for you.  Each workout won’t take more than 1 hour. We strongly recommend gentle stretching after each training session to maximize the results.

During the Situp Program, you’ll do only 3 exercises:

You’ll train 4 times a week, for a 6-week period. At the end of the program, you’ll have much stronger abs and be ready for every sit-up competition.

The Situp program is divided between 3 phases

FIRST In the adaptation phase, which takes you 3 weeks, you’ll prepare your body for the heavy work out in the following weeks. The adaptation phase allows you to slowly start building your strength without burning out.

The second part is the endurance phase, which will increase your overall amount of repetitions. This phase is crucial for your six pack development.

The third part, the cover-up phase, you’ll slow down a bit, allowing your body to recover from the previous phase. After completing this phase, you’ll get a lot more strength and you’ll significantly increase your maximum reps.


This workout was created by Martin Miekisz. Martin is a young, aspiring fitness enthusiast,currently living in Poland. He believes in that dieting and exercising shouldn’t be boring and too complicated. In his workouts, Martin use science-based exercises, which he tried himself. You can reach out to Martin for personalized coaching at