Supplying Information And Equipment For The New 2020 Army Combat Fitness Test

Army 2 Mile Run Training Plan – 14min goal time

Below is a 2 Mile Run Training plan designed by a record holding and national champion middle distance runner. The Running plan is designed to move a soldier from a 16 minute two-mile to a 14 minute two-mile

This is a 6 week training plan for the Army 2 mile run. The main goal is for the athlete is to achieve 2 mile progression (from 16min to 14min PB).  If you are not starting at the 16 minute 2 mile pace I recommend you keep the plan but feel free scale the times. Most important thing is to keep the effort. Last but not least, trust the progression, be safe, have fun and smash your personal best! Good luck!

Week 1 Army Training Plan:

  • Sun: 60min long run
  • Mon: 40min easy +6x100m strides
  • Tues: 10x200m (50 to 45sec) with 2min rest
  • Wed: 40min easy
  • Thu: 5km tempo run (goal: sub 28min, 5:15-5:17 perkm)
  • Fri: 20min easy or rest
  • Sat: 4x1000m(4:35-4:40 per km) with 3-4min rest

Week 2 Army Training Plan:

  • Sun: 60min long run
  • Mon: 40min easy +6x100m strides
  • Tues: 10x150m sprint hills/ with jog back
  • Wed: 45min easy
  • Thu: 40min progressive run (from easy run to tempo effort) + 6x100m strides
  • Fri: 30min easy run
  • Sat: Fartlek20min (1min fast / 1min jog)

Week 3 Army Training Plan:

  •  Sun: 65-70min long run
  • Mon: 45min easy run
  • Tues: 10x400m (1:40 to 1:35)with 2-3min rest
  • Wed: 45min easy run
  • Thu: 6km tempo run (goal: 31-32min, 5:15-5:17 per km)+ 6x100m accelerations
  • Fri: 30min easy or rest
  • Sat: 4x1000m (4:30/km)with 3min rest

Week 4 Army Training Plan:

  • Sun: 70min long run
  • Mon: 50min easy + 6x100m strides
  • Tues: 2 sets 10x100m sprint hills with jog back and 7min rest between sets
  • Wed: 50min easy
  • Thu: Fartlek 30min (1min fast / 1min jog)
  • Fri: 40min easy
  • Sat: 3x mile (7:25 to 7min) with 5min rest

Week 5 Army Training Plan:

  •  Sun: 65min long run
  • Mon: 50min easy+ 6x100m strides
  • Tues: 8x400m (1:30 to 1:25) with 3min rest
  • Wed: 50min easy
  • Thu: 3miles tempo run (goal: sub 22min, 7:18 permile)
  • Fri: 30min easy or rest
  • Sat: 3x1000m (4:10to 4min) with 8min rest

Week 6 Army Training Plan:

  • Sun: 60min long run
  • Mon: 40min easy run 6x100m strides
  • Tues: 1 x mile (6:40) , 8-10min rest, 5x200m (40sec) with 2min rest between
  • Wed: 40min easy run
  • Thu: 20min easy + 6-7x200m relaxed
  • Fri: 30min easy run
  • Sat: 2 miles (14min)

This training plan was created by Sava Todorov, a 20 time Bulgarian national champion. Some of his Personal bests are : 400m –  50.77/ 800m– 1:51.74/ 1500m – 3:51.51/ 5000m – 14:45.37. For additional questions or coaching Sava can be reached at: Fiverr: or E-mail: sava_todorov_(at)