Supplying Information And Equipment For The New 2020 Army Combat Fitness Test

Advanced Pushup Training Plan

Why should you do push-ups? You might think that you need to go to a gym 6 times a week and train like crazy for 2 hours each day to get a lean and strong upper body. But the fact is, you don’t. You can have the triceps that stretch your T-shirts, broad muscular cannonball shoulders and well-developed chest by doing this one exercise and its variations.
Push-ups are great for strength and endurance. They develop more than “just chest”. By doing push-ups you can expect also bigger triceps, shoulders, and stronger abs. This is one of the best exercises for developing upper body strength and physique.

The 6-week Army Pushup program

Our program is specifically designed to bring you results. The goal of the workout is to increase your overall amount of repetitions and help you pass all of the push-up tests. Each workout won’t take more than 1 hour. During the program, you’ll do only 3 variations of pushups:

  • normal push-up (the link with the proper technique can be found here
  • diamond push-up (the link with the proper technique can be found here
  • wide push-up (the link with the proper technique can be found here

The  Pushup program is divided between 3 phases

In the adaptation phase, which takes you 3 weeks, you’ll prepare your body for the heavy workout in the following weeks. The adaptation phase allows you to slowly start building your strength without burning out.

The second part is endurance phase. During the first phase, you’ve built a fair amount of strength. In this 2-week long phase, you’ll focus on increasing the overall amount of reps. These 2 weeks are the hardest and will give you the most benefits. This phase is crucial for your success.

The third part, the cover-up phase, you’ll slow down a bit, allowing your body to recover from the previous phase. After completing this phase, you’ll get a lot more strength and you’ll significantly increase your maximum reps, without feeling exhausted all the time.


This workout was created by Martin Miekisz. Martin is a young, aspiring fitness enthusiast,currently living in Poland. He believes in that dieting and exercising shouldn’t be boring and too complicated. In his workouts, Martin use science-based exercises, which he tried himself. You can reach out to Martin for personalized coaching at