Supplying Information And Equipment For The New 2020 Army Combat Fitness Test

16 Lane – ACFT Equipment


You are ordering all the equipment required to run 16 lanes of the New Army Combat Fitness Test.  Contact us below for purchase orders or custom quotes.

The Army Combat Fitness Test Kit contains the following items:

  • 16x Hexagon Barbell
  • 16x Single Hi-Temp bumper plates (550lb)
  • 16x (sets) Barbell Collar / Spring
  • 16x Nylon Sled with Pull Strap
  • 16x 10lb Rubber medicine Ball
  • 32x 40lb Kettlebell
  • 16x Measuring Tape (English/metric)
  • 16x Portable Squat stand w/ Pullup bar

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Order Combat Fitness Test Equipment Today! You are ordering the complete set of ACFT equipment for 16 lanes as directed by ANNEX-D ACFT Equipment List.

16x Hexagon Barbell / Hexagon Trap Bar

  • Olympic size, Weight = 60lb
  • Double Hexagonal frame welded from 1.5 steel tubing
  • 16″ of loadable sleeve length ( to accomodate for each 45lb plates w/ collar)
  • Solid Sleve Design
  • Treated to resist rust
  • Color: Black

16x Sets of Bumper Plates (550lb)

  • Standard Diameter of 450MM
  • Solid Rubber Bumper plates are made from vulcanized rubber with a stainless steel insert.
  • Shore Durometer= 87.7 – 89.3
  • Color Opening 50.4mm
  • Weight Tolerance +/- 1% of claimed weight
  • Color: Black

Each set contains:

  1. 4x10lbs plate
  2. 2x15lbs plate
  3. 2x25lbs plate
  4. 2x35lbs plate
  5. 4x45lbs plate

16x (sets) Barbell Collar / Spring

  • Metal Spring barbell collar
  • Collar and hex bar are fully compatable
  • Color: Non painted metalic

16x Nylon Sled (with pull strap)

  • Made from thick heavy duty nylon
  • Nylon Sled able to handle atleast four 45lb plates
  • Includes pull straps
  • Sled is not to be used on rough or textured surface
  • Color: Black

16x 10LB Medicine Ball

  • Hard Rubber medicine ball with a textured grip surface making it easy to handle when wet or sweaty
  • Medicine ball will not loose its shape with repeated throws
  • Weighd does not shift inside, and is not filled with sand
  • Weatherproof
  • Warranty: Lifetime, Seriously. If you can damage this ball by running over with a tank, I’ll send you a new one free. See my terms.

32x 40LB Kettle Bell

  • Made from a natural, slip free texture with a seamless and even finish
  • Made from cast iron
  • Black powder coated
  • Able to accommodate hands of any size
  • One piece design w/ flat base
  • Color: Black

16x Measuring Tape

  • Long lasting vinyl coated measuring tape
  • 100″ tape, able to measure in meters or feet
  • Color: Bright orange or yellow

16x Portable Squat Stand w/ Pullup Bar

  • Heavy duty pullup bar / squat stand
  • Height: 92″
  • Able to withstand a minimum of 1000lbs
  • 2″x3″ 11 gauge steel construction
  • Color: Black

Contact us below if you are interested in multiple orders, would like a customized order, or would like to pay via Purchaes Order or GSA CC.

 If you are shipping overseas please contact us for a custom order.

 Refunds are offered if the product received is not as described.  

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