Supplying Information And Equipment For The New 2020 Army Combat Fitness Test


New Spud Product Offerings!

Get the most out of your ACFT Sled/ strap

The magic carpet sled and strap is necessary gear for taking ACFT. But after the Drag… what do you do with it? One of our valued partners, Spud Inc, has the gear and the exercises to make the most of your sled, and help you improve your ACFT score. At we are excited to be able to share these New Spud Product Offerings to our customers!

Here are two popular additions to your sled/ strap. Using these implements can add variety to your training as well as increase strength.

Track Harness

The track harness is ideal for pulling a sled or parachute while running forward. In contrast the the ACFT, a backwards drag event, using a track harness engages different muscle groups in the legs, chest, and core.

Sled Pulling Belt

Give your arms a break with a sled pulling belt. This can be used to drag a sled backwards, forwards or sideways. This item is another great way to add variation to your training.

Running with resistance improves, and tests, cardio stregnth. However, for the sprint drag carry the test is of your anerobic capacity. In addition to buliding cardio stregnth its important to practice short quick high intensity movements. Using the harness and belt in combination with weight resistance is a great way to build anerobic capacity and make good use of your ACFT gear.

If you are interested in these items be sure to add them to your custom ACFT quote. At our goal is to provide quality gear and quality content to help soldiers be at their best for the test. We are so glad to partner with quality companies and to be able to share these New Spud Product Offerings!