Supplying Information And Equipment For The New 2020 Army Combat Fitness Test

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FIRST LOOK! – ACFT Field Testing Manual

Below the Official Army Combat Fitness Test Manual. It was published in August 28, 2018 and contains all the information a Battalion requires to setup and execute the New Army Combat Fitness Test:

Below are the primary sections of the ACFT Field Manual:

  • Purpose of Phase 1 testing
  • ACFT Site requirements
  • ACFT Equipment requirements
  • Test time line, The entire ACFT test should take 51-54 minutes
  • ACFT Uniform
  • Preparation
  • Testing procedures for all six events:
    • 3 Rep Maximum Deadlift
    • Standing Power Throw
    • Hand Release Pushup
    • Sprint Drag Carry
    • Leg Tuck
    • 2 Mile Run
  • Draft Fitness Score Card
  • Draft Fitness Scoring Scales

ACFT Field Manual:

ACFT - Field testing manual