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COVID-19 and the ACFT

Don’t let the Coronavirus be an excuse to stop training.

What a strange week it has been! Truly unprecedented, it seems like each time I check the news or answer the phone I hear more disturbing news. Gyms are closed, fitness classes are no longer meeting, routines have been vastly disrupted. The COVID-19 will effect the way you train for the ACFT, but it doesn’t have to stop your training all together.

Here at DODresource and we believe that especially in hard times like this we have a choice. You can curl up surrounded by your hoarded toilet paper and get sucked deeper and deeper into the news vortex OR you can see this as an opportunity.

Kettlebells are great multi-use pieces

COVID-19 has likely radically changed your ACFT training plan, but there are still options. This is a great time to take the plunge and start your own home gym. With a few simple purchases you can create a vast array workouts to keep you physically and mentally strong, all while in your own space- unaffected by the closures. If you are ready to go big with your home gym check out our training gym package for everything you need to prepare for the ACFT.

If you are not ready for a home gym consider Yoga. What a great way to stay physically strong while you care for your mental health. Mental health is extraordinarily important in times like these. Focusing on your breath and meditation can really help manage stress.

This is also a great time to connect with an online coach. We have relationships with several great coaches who continue to post ACFT tips and great workouts. Check out Coach Ansley Cummings latest instagram for a complete home work out, no equipment required. Coach Jake Shaw just posted a great home work out as well.

Cardio anyone?

Now is a great time to up your cardio goals! No rules against going for a run, a bike ride or even doing a few minutes of jump rope. Remember the two mile run is still one of the most challenging elements of the ACFT for many soldiers. This forced hiatus from the gym may be a perfect time to increase your cardio strength and endurance.

Remember to practice social distancing if you do run around others.

Finally, remember your fitness routine may have to change because of the coronavirus but your dedication to fitness doesn’t need to. Check out our post on SMART Goals for help creating attainable, specific, measurable, and relevant goals. Set your intentions high and make this time memorable for something other than COVID-19.

One last thought- put down the the news and pick up a book. DODreads, our sister site is an excellent source for material that will help you grow as a soldier and as a military leader.

Its a crazy time and one that we will remember. COVID-19 will effect the way you train for the ACFT over the next few weeks at minimum. How we respond in this difficult time will define us as a nation. We have a choice to see this as a crisis or as an opportunity. Don’t let COVID-19 or the coronavirus derail your ACFT training.

Stay strong and fit!

Stay safe and healthy!