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Hi, I’m John Laney. The owner of this website, a military officer, fitness enthusiast and father of two great little knuckle heads. MyBodyTutor is a great resource for soldiers and here are reasons I stand behind the company.

I started this website a few years back since I was frustrated with old, outdated and frankly wrong information on the Army APFT. I wanted to create a place where the information and the references behind that information were current and readily available. Over the last few years, this site grew from only a few visitors per week to nearly 100,000 per month.

With such an influx of visitors, I have naturally become the subject matter expert for all things related to Army Fitness. In addition to the new Combat Fitness Test coming online in the 2020 time frame, I’ve realized there is a need for soldiers to both lose weight and effectively train for the new Fitness Test.

This is where my buddy Adam Gilbert and come into play. Adam and his team of over 50 coaches have been helping people eat right and exercise since 2007. Not only does he focus on proper eating, exercise and rest, but he provides daily accountability and encouragement to ensure you reach your goals.

There are three items which really closed the deal in my relationship with MyBodyTutor. The first is that the results are guaranteed. if you don’t see results after your first month, Adam will happily refund your money. That’s how much he believes in his program. The second is that Adam offers a free lifetime maintenance program once you achieve your goals. I love his commitment to your long term success. Finally, believes in our mission so if you mention that you’re in the Army and that you were referred through us, you will get $50 off the $249 monthly fee.

If you are tired of just barely passing the Army Fitness test, or are ready to keep that weight off for good, join Adam’s program, and we guarantee you will achieve your goals.

You can learn more about Adam’s the program here,  or you can join the program here.

Note: Once you join, Adam will send you a questionnaire. On the questionnaire, enter for the question ‘How did you hear about us?’ and they’ll credit you $50 and adjust your billing rate going forward. It’s as simple as that.