Supplying Information And Equipment For The New 2020 Army Combat Fitness Test

Army-Fitness Resources

Need some inspiration? Check out these great books, blogs and podcasts for motivation.

Blogs/ Websites

GPS Human Performance

This is a great site that features blog posts directly relating to training for the ACFT. Some favorites include “Tactical Training: The ACFT Leg Tuck” and “Tactical Training: The New ACFT.” In addition to a gym with frequent video posts the site also features online coaching and nutrition. 

Military. Com

This site has it all. Army, Navy, Airforce specific fitness tips, relevant news stories, workouts with videos demos and a great blog featuring guest authors. This is a great space to start your fitness journey, check out the 45 day plan for beginners. 

Be Stronger Today Fitness 365

Jake Shaw is a fitness and nutrition coach, his site features daily workouts, exceptional diet and nutrition tips as well as positive messages for becoming a better version of yourself.Jake offers online personal coaching with custom workouts. Check out his blog for other great info. 


Tactical Fitness Report with Stew Smith

Stew Smith, a former Navy SEAL and certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist,  is a great resource, over 150 podcasts relating to fitness, nutrition, training and breaking bad habits. This is also a great source for work-outs and training plans. 

Optimal Health Daily

While this podcast is not military specific, it pulls the best fitness and health blogs from across the internet and reads them to you in 8-10 minute sessions. Posts are brief but meaty. Common topics include diet and weight loss, weight training, injury prevention, recovery, mental toughness and weekly a question and answer session with fitness expert  and narrator and PhD Dr Neil Malik.


This book will revolutionize the way you exercise and train. Functional training is a scientific method for personal training, workouts at the gym, at home or outdoors. The book guides you through body weight exercise, exercise using weights and implements while teaching the philosophy behind each routine.

Learn from the best with this 10 week work-out plan designed to get you ready for special forces training. The training plans feature running, rucking, weights, core strength and swimming. Author Stew Smith shares his vast experience with military fitness and training. 

This comprehensive handbook contains essential information to get in peak physical fighting shape as well as philosophy and coaching tips to create a training program. Military leaders recognize that victory depends largely on strength and stamina. This book is a complete training resource for soldiers working to get fit and stay fit.