Supplying Information And Equipment For The New 2020 Army Combat Fitness Test


Army-Fitness in a COVID-19 Containment is committed to keeping you up to date on all things ACFT and Army fitness especially in a COVID-19 containment. Things are different in a corona virus pandemic. What it looks like we are still trying to figure out!

Look For The Helpers

Mr Rogers said it first. Look for the helpers. In a time of crisis there are always going to be people who are doing the right thing. There are always going to be people helping. Sure, there are plenty of folks out for themselves, plenty of folks putting their needs above the needs of others. However, if you look you will find helpers.

Today I want to highlight Rogue Fitness. This is a quality company that produces exceptional equipment, much of it is manufactured in the great state of Ohio. With the recent gym closures their home gym business has been booming- so much so that they have actually had to stop online ordering for 24 hours so they can catch up!

Rogue could just keep punching that cash register and laughing all the way to the bank- but instead they are using their supplies and resources to make and donate needed medical supplies. They are working on masks, gowns, and even working on ventilators. is proud to support this great company!

Who do you see that is helping during this crisis? We would love to promote and support other helpers!

Do What The Smart Kids Are Doing

My brother has a phrase he likes to repeat to his kids “Do what the smart kids are doing.” Basically if you feel a little lost or confused look at the leaders, the people you admire and respect, the “smart kids.”

So- what are the smart kids doing right now?

  • First- they are following the recommendations of the CDC and practicing social distancing. They are working from home when able. They are paying extra attention to washing hands and covering their cough.
  • Second- they are maintaining fitness with body weight exercise or selecting multi use pieces to add to their home gym.
Econo Triceps and Lat Pulley

Today I want to highlight another great company Spud inc. We know and love spud because of their magic carpet sled- a required piece of gear for the ACFT sprint drag carry. Spud carries many other great products however. Their most popular products this week are the triceps pulleys. This is a great product that can be used in conjunction with almost any rack or beam.

These products are American made and ready to ship. can provide you with a custom quote to start, or improve your home gym set up.

What “smart kids” are you following right now?

Army-Fitness in a COVID-19 containment is our focus and we will do our best to continue to provide up to date information.