Featured Coach: Ansley Cummings

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Meet Coach Ansley Cummings

Three words that drive my passion for personal training. I love engaging with people to help them achieve. I have had the joy and privilege of helping people achieve life-changing health and fitness goals for the past several years, both in person and online. I have worked with clients ranging from age 12 to 80, as well as clients with various health conditions and goals. From regaining stamina, to being able to execute a proper push-up or pull-up, my clients’ goals become my goals. Anyone can achieve their goals with the right training and discipline. 

Coach Cummings and her husband celebrate his perfect score

My interest in helping people train specifically for the Army Combat Fitness Test was sparked when my husband, David, and I moved to San Antonio, Texas, for him to take part in the Army-Baylor Physical Therapy Program. We were excited to learn about the new physical test of record for the Army that would require soldiers to train more comprehensively than ever as it tests nearly all aspects of fitness. David was able to successfully train for the ACFT and become one of the first few soldiers to score a perfect 600 on the test. Combining his personal experience with the ACFT and my experience helping people reach specific fitness goals, I have created an online training platform specifically to help soldiers pass and surpass the ACFT. 

Coach Cummings demonstrates a perfect Leg Tuck

Our 6-Week Personalized Programs are tailored to the following (and more) to create the optimal program for YOU:

  • Your weakest events in the ACFT
  • The number of days you are able to commit to training
  • The workout equipment you have at your disposal 

Online access to video tutorials for each exercise is included, as well as accountability and direct access to me as your trainer with the 6-Week Personalized Program PLUS, all for an affordable price. Check out our website to learn more! 

I want to see you achieve the highest level of success on the ACFT, and I am willing to put in as much time and effort as it takes. Please reach out to me on one of the following platforms, I would be thrilled to hear from you.  

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.cummingsfitness.com

Instagram: @cummingsfitness