Supplying Information And Equipment For The New 2020 Army Combat Fitness Test

Army Fitness Coach – Brandon Starcher

About me: My name is Coach Brandon Starcher, originally from Cleveand, OH. I’ve been active in sports my whole life; primarily baseball but I also spent a few seasons wrestling, football, golf, and a many recreational sports Since joining the Navy in 2011, I have been an ACFL dating back to 2013 when I was stationed in Hawaii. I began my fitness journey, outside of sports, at 16 when my Uncle introduced me to lifting weights. I did the typical chest day, back day, leg day routine for a while but grew bored and stagnate in progress. In 2015 I was introduced to crossfit and Olympic weightlifting; since then I have transitioned from part-time CF/part-time WL athlete to a full time WL and USAW (United States Weightlifting Association) certified coach! Being the skinny guy, and not naturally very strong, I’ve had to work very hard to get to where I am. I know the process and what it takes to make goals a reality! Since being certified with USAW in the begging of 2015 I have made fitness my number 1 priority and passion! Since then I have transitioned from solely proctoring bi-annual fitness tests, to writing over a dozen original programs and coaching Navy (and civilian) athletes/clients at various levels.

Today I lead my command’s fitness team as the FEP workout programmer, responsible to over 100 sailors (both FEP members and ACFLs), designed and implemented a new FEP Mentor initiative, occasionally coach CF classes, and run an Olympic WL class. I’m always researching and trying to educate my self in all aspects of health and fitness, with the intention of passing that knowledge onto my shipmates and clients. My goal is to help others reach their goals, and one day own my own gym!

Physical Fitness Coaching services I provide:

  • Scheduled bi-weekly phone calls or as often as you need to talk.
  • E-mails to keep you encouraged and on track.
  • We work together to develop customized nutrition plan for both weight loss and strength building.
  • We work together to develop customized fitness plan so you can do your best on the PRT/BMT/PFT
  • 24/7 Access to me through e-mail or txt for any questions you have.
  • Free Fitbit, and Fitbit tracking (select plans)

I charge monthly rates for private coaching, and I offer a discount for those that are preparing to join the Military as an officer or enlisted. Once you are following an exercise and nutritional plan and have passed your last PFA we will discuss lowering the fee.

I offer a “no-pass, no-pay” guarantee. If you fail any portion of the PFA  or are unhappy with any of my services I will refund you 100% of your last payment

My Coaching philosophy:

My coaching philosophy is based on an incremental approach to fitness and nutrition. Rather than simply telling you how to exercise and what to eat, we work together to incrementally improve your fitness and nutrition. This requires both dedication and commitment on your part as you are responsible for implementing the plan we both come up with.

A normal coaching relationship is designed to last around six to eight months and consists of three phases or stages of development.

During the first phase of our relationship I work with you to understand your strengths and struggles, I then take your current physical activity and eating and we work together to gradually modify your fitness and nutritional habits.  During this portion you may not be seeing immediate results, but we are setting the foundation for future sustained growth.

During the middle phase improvement should be evident.  We will develop and refine your nutritional and exercise habits resulting in a plan you enjoy, fits around your life and that you will maintain.

During the final phase of our relationship you should have developed the nutritional and exercise habits you will need to maintain your ideal fitness goals. What was first difficult and painful will become routine and more enjoyable. Your healthy lifestyle will become a habit and you will rely on my assistance less and less.

After the subscription is canceled and you no longer pay I still remain available to you for any questions you may have.

Contact me below and We can start working together tomorrow.