Army Combat Fitness Test Guest Post Policy

Here at Combat Fitness Test we are always open to military, nutrition and fitness related blog articles.

Blog Guest Post Requirements:

  • Be between 750 – 1500 words long.
  • The post must be original content; please do not simply copy from a previous post.  I will run the post through a plagiarism checker before uploading on my website.  Once on my website please wait at least two weeks prior to posting it on any other webpage.
  • Guest Posts will not include 3rd party affiliate links or 3rd party ads embedded in the post. Links to your personal website or socials is fine.
  • Include a short authors bio at the end. This bio can include a picture and any contact information or social media links you would like to include.
  • Pictures are great! If you choose to include a picture it must either be picture you have the rights to (ie. a picture that you took) or a picture in the public domain.   Copyrighted pictures are not allowed.

Articles that work well for guest posts:

  • A personal story of how you increased strength or endurance and the system you used for that improvement.
  • If you are the expert in something (ie. sleep, compression socks, fitness apps) and want to discuss how those things will improve you ACFT score.
  • Training, Stretching, Nutrition, Strength/Cardio Balance, Injury prevention to help with the ACFT.
  • Garage gym / Personal Gym for ACFT Training.
  • Anything else? let us know before you start writing.

Please contact me below if you are interested in posting:

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