Supplying Information And Equipment For The New 2020 Army Combat Fitness Test


ACFT (proposed) Implementation Timeline

Note: This timeline is a work in progress and takes into account all the open source material that is currently available on the website and my understanding of how these fitness test changes work

2006 – First announcement that the Army was moving from their APFT to a Combat Fitness Test.

2017 – Nearly eleven years later the Army made a second announcement and decided that they are in fact moving forward with a “combat” focused physical fitness test.

August 2017 – The First Pilot Program at Joint BaseLewis-McCord Washington where National Guard and 75 Ranger Regiment troops gave it a try.


2018 – Pilot program at the following bases:    ________

2018 – FM xxx is updated

2019 – Continue pilot at the additional bases: ______

2020 – Full implementation of the Army Combat Readiness Test