Supplying Information And Equipment For The New 2020 Army Combat Fitness Test


ACFT Mobile App:

Information, Training tips and video guide access at your fingertips!

We are well into the 2nd phase of ACFT implementation. Bases are collecting gear, soldiers have preformed practice tests and scoring is finalized. If you started your training, the time to get on it is NOW! Need a push? Download the updated ACFT mobile app!

The Army has updated their mobile app to help soldiers prepare. The app provides video demonstrations of each event, preformed by an Army Drill Sergeant. Additionally, you can use the app for training plans and recording your scores. This is an updated version of a 2014 released app. Its also still possible to calculate your APFT score on the app, important to note as this is still the official test of record through October.

The app is a great resource for soldiers training for this new test. The video lessons and tips will be a benefit to beginners and advanced soldiers. The app however will not replace the value of a personal coach. Consider connecting with one of the featured coaches to maximize your training. Ansley Cummings, Dee Josey, and Jake Shaw are all phenomenal coaches ready to take your fitness to the next level.

The ACFT mobile app is also security compliant- in contrast to other video sharing apps like TicTok. Using this app is safe for soldiers and protects national security.

Download the ACFT mobile app today from the apple store and take the next step to being Army Strong!