Supplying Information And Equipment For The New 2020 Army Combat Fitness Test

ACFT – T-Pushup

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— T-pushup: In this event, Soldiers start in the prone position and do a traditional pushup, but when at the down position they move their arms outward and then back in to do another pushup. This allows for additional upper body muscles to be exercised.

The start position is the prone position. The forehead, chest, hips and thighs will be on the ground. Toes will be touching the ground and the feet will placed together. Hands are placed flat on the ground, the index finger will be inside the outer edge of the shoulder. On the command “GO,” the Soldier will push the whole body up from the ground as a single unit, staying in a straight line from head to toes. The front leaning rest is the only authorized rest position. Resting on the ground is not permitted. Flexing / bending at the knees, hips, trunk or neck during a repetition or in the position is not permitted / Authorized.
• Count 1: From the start position, elbows are fully extended and the Soldier has reached the up
• Count 2: Elbows are fully flexed and the body is lowered as a single unit to the ground. The chest,
hips and thighs will touch the ground. The head and face will not contact the ground.
• Count 3: The arms are fully extended out to the sides into the T position.
• Count 4: To complete the repetition the arms will return to the starting position with hands
beneath the shoulders, palms on the ground.

The 4-count Push-up event is a measure of upper body muscular endurance and has high correlation with the repetitive and sustained pushing used in WTBD/CSTs. It is a test of a Soldier’s ability to push an opponent away during man-to-man contact, push a vehicle when it is stuck, and push up from cover / the ground during evade and maneuver.

As More information becomes available it will be posted here