Supplying Information And Equipment For The New 2020 Army Combat Fitness Test

ACFT – Standing Power Throw

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— Standing power throw: Soldiers toss a 10-pound ball backward as far as possible to test muscular explosive power that may be needed to lift themselves or a fellow Solider up over an obstacle or to move rapidly across uneven terrain

PROTOCOL (BackToss):
1. Grasp the medicine ball (10lb) with both hands at hip level and stand with heels at (but not on/over) the restraining line.
2. Face backward throughout the entire test.
3. Make several preparatory movements bending at your knees and lowering the medicine ball almost to the ground
4. On the record attempts, bend at the knees/hips, lower the medicine ball almost to the ground and toss the medicine ball from an underhand position over your head.
5. Both feet are to remain in contact with the ground and behind the restraining line until the ball is released.
6. You must make two attempts; in the event of a “fault” the attempt is repeated.
7. Record the score for both attempts to the nearest centimeter.

The backward Power Throw measures upper and lower body muscular power. Muscular power contributes to the success of tasks that require quick explosive movements to maneuver equipment and personnel. These tasks include executing a buddy drag to pull an injured person to a safe location, casting equipment over an obstacle, throwing a hand grenade, lifting and loading equipment, and employing progressive levels of force.

As More information becomes available it will be posted here