Supplying Information And Equipment For The New 2020 Army Combat Fitness Test

Proposed ACFT Fitness Standards

A few days ago the proposed Combat Fitness Scoring Standard was leaked and published by Army Times.

The proposed ACFT Fitness standards show the below minimum age and gender neutral scores for the following PT test events:

  • Dead Lift: 140lb
  • Power Throw: 4.6m
  • Hand Release Pushups: 10
  • Sprint Drag Cary: 3:35
  • Leg Tuck: 1
  • 2 mile Run: 21:07

While the minium scores are pretty low, It is important to note that these minimum scores are not minimums for all Army MOS’s. Different army units are considered “Significant” or “heavy” demand, and as such their Fitness Test minimum’s are raised.

Below are the DRAFT ACFT scoring Standards:

Combat Fitness Test Proposed Scoring Standard