Supplying Information And Equipment For The New 2020 Army Combat Fitness Test

ACFT – Maximum Weight Deadlift

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— Deadlift: With a proposed weight range of 120 to 420 pounds, the deadlift event is similar to the one found in the Occupational Physical Assessment Test, or OPAT, which is now given to new recruits to assess lower-body strength before they are placed into a best-fit career field. The ACRT will require Soldiers to perform three deadlifts (only one in OPAT) and the weights will be increased. The event can simulate picking up ammunition boxes, a wounded battle buddy, duffel bags or other heavy equipment.

1. The trap bar deadlift consists of three phases: preparatory, upward movement, anddownward movement.
2. Preparatory Phase: Stand inside the trap bar and grasp the handles centered on the grips (if a dual-handled trap bar is used, you will grasp the lower handles, with the upper handles facing down). Arms should be fully extended, back flat, chest held up and out, head in line with the spinal column or slightly hyperextended, heels in contact with the floor, and eyes focused straight ahead or slightly upward. All repetitions will begin from this position.
3. Upward Movement Phase: Stand up and lift the bar by extending your hips and knees. Hips should not rise before your shoulders. Back should remain flat. Continue to extend the hips and knees until you are standing up. There is a slight pause at the top of this movement.
4. Downward Movement Phase: Slowly lower the bar to the floor while still maintaining a flat-back position. Do not lean forward. Trap bar weight plates must touch the floor before beginning the next repetition (“touch and go”).
5. Repeat three repetitions with maximum weight; record the score for the 3RM.

The trap bar dead lift is a muscularstrength test that mimics movements required to safely and effectively lift heavy loads from the ground. For example, the trap bar dead lift is a strong predictor of a Soldiers ability to lift and carry a casualty on a litter and to lift and move personnel and equipment. This test event requires well-conditioned back muscles that will assist Soldiers in load carriage and in injuries to the upper and lower back.

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