Supplying Information And Equipment For The New 2020 Army Combat Fitness Test


ACFT 2.0

Persistent concerns about implementation of the new test lead military officials to make significant changes in this fall’s testing cycle. The primary change is the option to substitute the plank as a test of core muscle strength if a soldier has tried and failed to do a leg tuck.

COVID-19 is certainly behind this adjustment in the test as soldiers have had less chance to train for the test with the required equipment. Officially this makes sense- however you don’t need a pull up bar to practice this element. Try the move on the neighborhood jungle gym, the monkey bars or even your door jam!

The Leg Tuck has proven to be a challenging element of this new test- however it is a achievable. Featured Coach Ansley Cummings breaks it down in her youtube video series focusing on elements of core, upper body and FAQ’s.

Core strength is a vital element for success in the ACFT and the Leg Tuck is the ultimate test. However, improving Core Strength will help you in more than just your Leg Tuck Score.

The other 5 events remain basically unchanged. The stationary bike distance has be reduced from 15000 meters to 12000 meters.

The ACFT is the test of record and will be required of all soldiers. Its tough to practice with out the gear- but don’t let that be an excuse! There are plenty of ways to get ready and get stronger while you wait.