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9 Tips for Pursuing Your Next Work-At-Home Venture

COVID-19 has us all rethinking things we previously just accepted. For some that’s the realization that you don’t need a gym to work out. For others, that you don’t need an office to work! From starting a virtual job to establishing a small business, there are many ways to grow your career from home. However, with these new opportunities come many challenges, so it’s wise to be prepared before you set out. and our partner sites have been in the home-business game for years. Here are nine tips that can help your next work-at-home venture proceed smoothly.

Utilize Your Veteran Status

Being a veteran qualifies you for many opportunities outside traditional remote work. Think about ways your vet status could support your job search or new business.

  • Consider veteran recruiting events for vet-specific job opportunities. Websites such as Veteran Recruiting can help you find the right people for the position.
  • Investigate specialized grant and loan options for veterans starting a small business. has an incredible list of different options you can explore.
  • Join a military and veteran business owner organization for support and networking. The Veterans and Military Business Owners Association is a great option to check out.

Whatever your next business venture, working remotely is a smart way to approach your career. From opening a new business to climbing the virtual career ladder, there are many ways to earn an income while maintaining scheduling and location independence. With these tips, you can begin pursuing your new career path with confidence.

Familiarize Yourself with Current Tech

Staying well-connected is essential when working remotely. Some companies provide technology, but if you’re a business owner, you’ll be going it alone. Familiarizing yourself with current tech can help.

  • Learn to use Google Drive for free file sharing and document storage. Google Drive will allow you to safely and securely share files with clients or remote freelancers. This option will also allow you to access your files from different devices and computers.
  • Explore video conferencing tools for face-to-face meetings. With apps like Zoom, you can easily schedule meetings with people from around the world. What’s more, many of these apps have free options, meaning you can save money in the process.
  • Be aware of cybersecurity threats and potential scams when working online. Digital security is especially beneficial for small businesses, which are actually more susceptible to attacks than bigger companies.

Expand Your Business Knowledge

Whether you’re starting a small business or aiming for a promotion, adding to your knowledge base is vital. There are many ways to develop your skills remotely, too.

  • Check out podcasts to expand your knowledge. These days, there is a wealth of information at your fingertips on a variety of different platforms. You can also find instructional videos on websites such as YouTube. 
  • Seek formal education to develop your business skills. Many colleges and universities allow you to take classes online from the comfort of your home. You can also set a schedule so that it accommodates your workload.
  • Learn about the ways to improve your distributed workforce management. For many people, the idea of managing a remote team sounds intimidating and overwhelming. Understanding how to make the most of your remote team can help your business succeed without causing your stress levels to rise.

If COVID has taught us anything its that we CAN work from home and we CAN work out from home! It has opened our eyes to the possibilities of what and where work takes place. Embrace this new era and make the most of it!

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